Office Photo Gallery

NE 85th St in Redmond: Easy to get to, good parking.
These beautiful old chairs came from a Masons Lodge in Iowa! We have lots of windows and light at our office. You will be greeted warmly whenever you enter the door.
Annye at the Fall festival

Adjusting Room One at RBNPC.
Treatment Room #3: Our private treatment rooms are designed to make you feel at home!
4th of July in the waiting room

Dr. Sharon provides spinal adjustments using a combination of hand, special table and instruments.
Fall decor in the waiting room
RBNPC celebrates the holiday season

Adjusting Room 1 at Chiropractic office in Redmond, WA
We're here if you need a hand

Therapeutic massage room

Office manager Krystal works long hours handling everything from insurance, payroll, training, scheduling and so much more.